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School Uniform

The schools’ uniform is worn by 99% of our children and we have not made any changes to the requirements other than to formalise this more in our policies. As a school we have no intention of sending children home or isolating them for not meeting this policy as some schools have done. We would instead support children and families who needed it. If your child is not wearing correct uniform, we would generally raise this with the parents unless it was appropriate to raise with the child.

Children should wear:

  • A white/red polo shirt
  • A red cardigan, jumper or fleece (if required)
  • Grey or black trousers or skirt
  • Plain black school shoes/trainers

Further clarification

  • If your child feels more comfortable in joggers, then again black/unbranded is acceptable.
  • We have never accepted denim as an option.
  • There are a number of optional branded uniform items with the school logo on for sale such as jumpers, fleece jackets, reading record bags and sweatshirts available to purchase through the school office or online (further details to follow)
  • Footwear should be safe to wear in school and so high heels/flip flops are not acceptable.
Name Lables 

Save time and money with one multipurpose name label for clothes, shoes, lunch boxes and all school items.

To order please click on the link button below.

Jewellery and Accessories

Children are only allowed to wear:

  • Small stud earrings, which must be removed for PE.

A Safety Note – The Health and Safety at Work Act stipulates that NO child must wear earrings or any other form of jewellery whilst taking part in school organised P.E. activities. We therefore ask that children do not have their ears pierced during term time as this would exclude them from P.E. whilst their ears healed. Earrings CANNOT be taped over for PE lessons.

Please do not send your child to school in expensive watches or any jewellery. We do not allow children to wear items of jewellery or bring personal possessions to school. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged possessions or clothing.

PE kit

Classes now have allocated PE days. On these days children should arrive in their PE kit and will not need a change of clothes. This will enable children to access longer PE sessions but you will need to ensure you are aware of what days your child has PE on.

Children should wear:

  • A red or white T-shirt
  • Black shorts or joggers
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • A warmer plain red/black sports top for the colder months

Further clarification

  • Football strips are not appropriate PE wear
  • No jeans or denim shorts

Ordering Online

Items of uniform can also now be ordered and paid for through Parentpay – www.parentpay.com. If we have the items in stock we will call you to collect the following week or put an order through for the items.

As well as now ordering your uniform through Parentpay, you can also order school uniform through our main supplier, https://myclothing.com/heath-primary-school/17241.school. School receive 5% back from these sales.

You can also purchase unbranded jumpers and cardigans from a number of other shops such as tesco/asda, we are unaware of any second hand retailers who supply at this point. But as a school we have a selection of used items available for a small donation. Please ask at the school office if we have anything suitable available.

We hope you’ll support the school to keep the children smart and reduce time spent missing lessons and making extra phone calls.

If you require any support with uniform don’t hestitate to get in touch with us at school through our office team on [email protected] or call on 01246 850277.

Don't forget that children should wear their PE kit to school on designated PE days.