Welcome to Heath Primary School


Welcome to EYFS (Reception, Nursery and 2-year) Remote learning page. Here you can find our set tasks for different stages to support you if your child is not able to attend due to closure or other emergency.

Stage 1:

We will use Dojo to send you information about what we are doing in Maths and Literacy. We will also send suggestions of things you can do at home to support our topic work.
Here are some additional links to useful websites.


Play board games, sing counting songs and build and construct with your toys

Here is a link to online Maths home learning if you would like more.


Here are lots of games you can play with your child. Phase 1 starting with lots of listening games
(Nursery) and Phase2/3 with sounds and letters for word building.

In school we have daily phonic sessions. These online videos support this and teach children phonic skills for reading and writing. Select the Reception lessons for single sounds and word building.

Stage 2:

This stage is for your child if your child’s class has to close. Your child's class teacher will share the planning if a this happend. If you have any questions about the work you can liaise with their teacher via Dojo.