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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Inclusion 

Our school is a safe place where our pupils, staff and visitors are valued, respected and can flourish in an environment where they can feel free to be themselves and to belong.


Testimonial by Jo Brassington 

Testimonial of my visit to your school
'I visited Heath Primary School for a full-day visit, during which I worked with each of their classes from EYFS - Year 6. Every class I worked with demonstrated curiosity and respect as we discussed diversity, equity, and inclusion. The children were able to offer excellent definitions of terms like equity, and gave examples which demonstrated how well they have been taught about these concepts previously. The children could tell me about the many things they believe make their school a fair and inclusive space including: displays; books choices; assemblies about different identity groups; a curriculum that focuses on diversity and identity; and a confidence that children can ask staff questions about these topics. When discussing the protected characteristics of the Equality Act, this school was the first Primary school I have worked with where children could name and discuss these with confidence. Together, the children at Heath Primary School shared with me their goals for the school to be a safe, inclusive place where everybody can feel like they belong and be treated with kindness and I saw both staff and children working towards that goal together.
What a fantastic, inclusive school with empathy and kindness at its heart!'