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Nurture at Heath 

Nurture is important…
“By building a child’s social and emotional capabilities we enable children to be happily engaged with
others and with society, and to learn, to develop fully, to attain and to achieve. In essence, it delivers
school ready, life ready and child ready members of society” (The Allen report 2011)

Our Nurture provision extends the ethos of an already nurturing environment within Heath Primary School and provides inclusion for all children. This group supports children to develop extra skills to improve socially, emotionally and increase independence. The structure and focus helps to boost confidence, self-esteem and individual emotional well-being. Praise and encouragement are in abundance within The Woodland Room and practice is rooted in consistency and positive reinforcement.

The nurture group is led by two specialist members of staff and co-ordinated by a trained nurture
leader. It is a small class of 6 pupils. The children are carefully brought together to ensure a balanced
and functional group. There is much research evidence that children’s learning is most effective
when they have a sense of emotional well-being, positive self-esteem and a feeling of belonging to
their school community. The nurture group provides children with this opportunity and so helps to
develop their maturity and resilience, whilst developing the skills they need to reach their full
potential. The nurture group is a place of learning.
The Nurture Group Principles are:
1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
2. The classroom/school offers a safe base.
3. Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem.
4. Language is understood as a vital means of communication.
5. All behaviour is communication.
6. Transitions are significant in the lives of children.    


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