Welcome to Heath Primary School


Behaviour and Rewards

At Heath Primary School we expect all of our children to be kind, respectful and polite to each other and members of the school community. We encourage children to work hard and try their best in all aspects of school life and have several initiatives which we use to celebrate their successes.

All of our classroom teaching is rooted in mutual respect and positive praise: children are recognised for their efforts as well as their achievements. If a child is noticed doing something well, they may have their name written on a recognition board in their classroom, be given dojo points, be awarded a weekly certificate or be nominated for hot chocolate with the Head Teacher.

We are aware that sometimes things can go wrong and conflicts happen. As a school we are beginning to introduce restorative practices into our daily routines in order to empower children to understand their emotions so that they can empathise with others, resolve their own conflicts and take responsibility for their own actions.

Behaviour and Sanctions