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Wiggle and Crawl 1/2S Feb 2017

On Tuesday 21st February Class 1/2S had a visit from Mrs Wood and her pet cockroach, for an introduction to their new topic, wiggle and crawl. They enjoyed learning about and stroking the cockroach. After, they wrote some cockroach shape poems to describe it. Here are some comments:

“I liked it because it was grumpy.”

“I liked how its skeleton was on the outside of its body.”

“It felt hard.”

“I learnt that they like to hide.”

“His favourite food is lettuce.”

“It felt bumpy.”

“I liked what the cockroach’s skeleton felt like.”

“I learnt that they can climb up walls because their feet are like sucky pads.”

“I didn’t like the hardness of the skeleton.”

“I liked the cockroach because it’s rare and old and those bugs were even alive when the dinosaurs were alive.”

“I didn’t like what it looked like.”

“I learnt that they like it when it’s hot and cold.”

“It hissed because it was scared.”

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