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Viking Day LKS2 March 2017

Viking Day
First, we had a little chat about what the Vikings did in long houses.The women had to stay at home while the men were fighting in battle.They had look after the children because the didn't go to school. she told us they had to kill animals food. Secondly, we split of into groups and we did runic art on crinkled, tea bagged paper. We used the paper to look like a stone.We drew pattens on and painted them to make them stand out.       Then we watched a video to see what they looked like in historical times. Thirdly, we came back to the hall and talked about the games that they played and what the children did instead of going to school.She demonstrated a game with a boy and they played something that looked like tic tac toe. Next we went into Mrs woods class and did rich or we would have to use money to pay for it.Archie had to use the purse  to pay for everything it was funny we did not know which was which. After, we played games in Mrs Broughs class to play a game.We played 5 kings cross and Jack was the first boy to knock one down.5 girls knocked on down before him. we also played another game. Finally we came back into the hall and the Viking visitor told us a story about Freya and the magical necklace. Did you know:If your baby girl was born first she would be left to die outside or be pushed across the water to drown.

By Elyssa 

We've had 5 2 4 9 7 visitors