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Heath Primary School Sports Premium Analysis

At Heath Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in children’s physical and social development.

We welcomed the Government’s announcement in June 2013 to provide additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all of the children at our school.


The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2017 to 2018 academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles (DfE Feb 2018)


PE and Sports Premium Evidence 2018/2019

PE and Sport Premium Evidence 2017/2018



In the last academic year we spent the money on

Lead Practitioner support £3620

CPD training and supply cover costs £1080

Equipment and resources £600

Afterschool club provision £600

Transport to competitions £300

Sports co-ordinator TLR £1500

Media training for School Captains £250

Affiliation with Bolsover School Sports Partnership £1300

Total costs £9250




How we shall spend the money in 2016/17

Heath Primary School is part of the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership (BDSSP). They are passionate about improving the lives of young people, by providing opportunities through physical education and sport. Being part of this affiliation ensures our children have access to:

  • Reduced costs for Bike-ability Balance-ability programme reception pupils

  • Change for life / Physical Activity Hub programme

  • Mini Leader training and active lunchtime support

  • Sainsbury’s school games application mark input

  • Full year activity and competition calendar

  • Continued CPD for our designated Sports co-ordinator in School

    Cost to school £1300


    Lead practitioner training half a day per week plus afterschool club provision £6120

    This will be part funded through school funds


    Contribution towards the designated sport co-ordinators responsibility for sports

    The co-ordinators role for this year will include:

    1. £1500
  • Creating a new PE assessment system

  • Assessing the quality of PE through learning walks

  • Attending meetings with BDSSP

  • Promoting active lunchtimes and working closely with SSP and school

    Play leader

  • Ensuring that assessment & participation data is analysed and dealing

    with any identified issues

  • Continuing to develop the School Sports Organising Crew – promoting

    leadership and pupil voice in PE and Sport

  • Maintaining a PE promotion board to be kept up to date with events

  • Reviewing after school provision to increase participation of extra

    curricular clubs and events.

  • Promote local clubs and gain partnership with these.


    Play maker training for mini leaders £50


    Playmaker CPD training for play leader and co-ordinator including supply cover

    Costs £20


    Media conference training day - cluster to spend the day interviewing & filming a professional Olympian £250


    Contribution towards running of after school clubs & resources £100


    Transport to and from events £600


    PE Equipment and resources, including Balls, Skipping ropes, new football

    nets and bibs £1000


    New football competition kit £60


    Balance bike training for Reception children £240


    School Sports Organising Crew starting budget for the fundraising team £50


    Active lunch time resources audit and spend £600


    Purchase of flags to make sports day more cultural and celebratory £50




    Total: £11940

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