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Place Value & Number/ Number Systems

Place Value/ Number & Number Systems


Compare Numbers - Compare number size and place the greater or less than sign in the correct place. Three levels of numbers to 100, 1000 & 10000


Mean Machine -Ease into your leathers, don the helmet and flip the visor - it's time to ride the mean machine. A tool for supporting work on the mean, median and range in Yr 6.


Number Balance KS2 - The KS 2 version of this activity for developing understanding of simple equations. Hide individual numbers or symbols as you wish. Uses the < and > symbols as well as =.


Odd and Even - Drag and drop the number tiles to their correct position on the Venn diagram.


Number Track - Place the number tiles into the correct order on the track. There are 3 levels of difficulty.


Wash Line 2 - Key Stage 2 ordinal number activity with up to 3 decimal places.


Magic Number Cauldron - Using a Macbeth style backdrop ingredients are added to the witches cauldron to make a number spell The activity needs supporting via teacher questioning but the basic objective is to work out the function of each ingredient.


Order a set of numbers


Sort out the match stick sequences


Can you create a bigger number using only the digits you have been given?

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Place value golf at 3 levels

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Place Value Pirates – match the pirate to the clues given

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Click on the target board to make the number

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Help with greater or less than signs

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