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Painting Pottery 2R Jan 2017

Painting Pottery

Last week a lady called Paula from the Painted Teapot in Dronfield visited 1/2S and 2R to teach us how to paint pottery. The first thing we did was choose an animal to paint.  Some of the available animals were elephants, puppies, kittens, pigs, bees and butterflies. Paula gave us a painted tile that showed us how the colours would look after they had been in the kiln. She told us to paint three coats of each colour so it would show up nicely after it had been in the kiln.   Paula gave us a tray full of paint bottles, brushes, water and paper towels. Now for a lot of fun!  We squeezed our chosen colours onto a paper towel and painted our pots. We made a lot of mess but everyone enjoyed the activity. Now we are extremely excited waiting for Paula to bring our pots back when they are cooked.

Written by David

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