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General Information


Nursery Session Times

The nursery morning session is 8 40 am - 1140 am

The nursery afternoon session is 12 35 pm - 3 35 pm

The children are collected from the quiet room please try to be on time as they can get upset if their adult is missing. If you know you have been held up please ring and let us know. If someone else is picking up please let staff know as if we don’t recognise them we won’t let them go.


The Curriculum

The Nursery children start their learning journey  in Nursery and follow through to Reception using the ‘Early Years Foundation’ stage. This is organised into 7 areas of learning –

Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


Outdoor learning

We do lots of outdoor learning – all areas of learning are taught outside and we have a weekly Forest Schools session with Miss Davenport. Please bring a pair of wellies your child can keep at school as we go out all weathers!

Please name all shoes and wellies


Learning journeys

The learning journey is evidence of your child’s learning throughout their time with us. We will share these with parents at several points throughout the year. The parent contribution section in these is really important so when your child achieves something at home, this can be anything from a swimming certificate to saving their spending money to buy a toy, please take a picture and send us an email to - we then share these with the class which is really special for them.


Attendance and illness

Regular attendance at Nursery helps to develop the partnership with school and also helps to develop confidence and self esteem.  These two elements are vital to successful learning. 

If your child is ill please phone the school office and let us know. If your child has diarrhoea / sickness please keep them at home for 48 hours.

Medicine – if your child has had an illness but is fit to be back at school we can administer this – you will need to fill in a medicine form available from the school office. Please don’t leave medicine in a book bag or lunch box.



There is a monthly school newsletter and we send out a termly newsletter in nursery outlining what your children will be learning with us and any key dates. Both these are available on our school website.



Library day will be on a Tuesday, A member of the nursery team will have the library tickets and show you where to choose a book with your child on that day. Please return the book on the following Tuesday and choose a new one.

If you would like your child to use the nursery library please provide a school book bag. We would be grateful if you could encourage your child to take care of the books they take home, to keep them safe in their book bag after they have read them and when they transport the books to and from nursery. This will hopefully mean that the children will continue to enjoy taking books home and make the books last for longer.


News Time

This year we have introduced an opportunity for the children to share any achievements, special times or news from home with the group. This will take place on a Friday during the welcome time session. Any emails from home and Little Star certificates will also be shared at this time.


Snacks and baking

Weekly snack money is £1 per week. Please remember to put your snack money in the pot and sign the appropriate week. You may pay for more than one week at a time if you prefer. This money goes towards the cost of purchasing the snacks and baking ingredients. 

We like to bake every week in nursery. We bake a variety of sweet and savoury snacks, sometimes the children eat in class sometimes bring home. 

At snack time we offer milk or water to drink and a low sugar hi-carb snack such as toast, crumpets, muffins etc. There is also a choice of fruit and vegetables. Please let us know of any food allergies your child has.

Please ask a member of the nursery team to show you if you are unsure.


School Uniform

We have a uniform which we like children to wear- it helps them feel like they belong together at heath. Please label these. Uniform form is available to order from the school office. 

Please name all items of clothing.


Spare Clothes

Please can you send your child with a complete change of clothes in a named bag to leave at school in case of any accidents. Your child will also need a pair of wellies for outside play. The wellies can be left at nursery or taken home daily. Please ensure that all spare clothes and wellies are named.



Children are not allowed to bring toys, money or sweets to school, there is a chance they will get lost then we end up with an upset child.



Children are allowed to wear small stud earnings.










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