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9th - 13th May

Mrs Ford and Nursery have had a great time this week planting out their garden.  We can’t wait to see all the wonderful vegetables and flowers.

Our Year 6’s haven’t had quiet as fun week!  They have, however, been a credit to the school with the dedication they have shown with regard to doing their best in the end of Key Stage 2 tests. The Year 6’s would like to thank the rest of the school for the consideration the other children have shown by being very quiet and supporting them.

Year 5 visited Derby University again with regard to the Being Brilliant project on Monday and the 4/5 classes had more Mindfulness training on Thursday.

There was some very exciting news, in Reception .  They have hatched 2 baby chicks, one is yellow and the other one is stripey brown. They had 10 eggs that were incubated over 3 weeks in our special yellow incubator, the eggs had to be turned twice a day to make sure they did not stick to the shell. After 21 days 2 of the eggs started to crack and the children watched quietly as the chicks hatched out. 


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