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13th - 16th June

Miss Garbutt led Mondays assembly introducing Ride to Rio.  Throughout the week all children have taken part in Riding to Rio on exercise bikes in the KS1 building.  We can't wait to find out how far the combined school traveled!

The children in Reception on Tuesday visited The Tropical Butterfly House to learn about animals and minibeasts. The children saw lots of different animals and had a great time playing on the park. The children found out lots of facts! Did you know a snake uses their tongue to smell? Or stick insects have hooks on their feet to hang on to things? The Reception children had a great trip.

Mr Rickles class led assembly on Wednesday.  They informed the school about what they have learnt about the Ancient Greeks.
Strangely enough some children chose to spend their earned Golden Time in the hall watching the match on Thursday.  They had a very vocal time!  Those who didn’t want to watch the game stayed in various classrooms doing a variety of other ‘fun’ activities.                                                                     

The Reception children have been working hard to raise money through their enterprise projects to buy themselves class pets. After the garden party the children had raised enough money to buy their pets, so they did lots of research and decided they wanted to get 2 guinea pigs. This week the guinea pigs arrived at school and the Reception children had to decide what they wanted to call them. The children had a fair vote and came to the decision to call them Poppy and Midnight.



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