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12 - 16th September

This week most clubs have started, the rest will begin next week.  If your child has shown an interest in joining one of the clubs a letter will have been sent home and parents/ carers will have been sent notification if your child is to attend.  Some clubs have been oversubscribed, but don’t worry participants will change so children won’t miss out.

This week Mrs Sutton’s class started off our rota of class assemblies.  They celebrated Roald Dahl Day with the rest of the school, telling us lots of facts about one of our favourite authors.

Class 1/2S had a tea party fit for The Queen.  They had cucumber sandwiches and rich tea biscuits, as these are The Queen's favourites. They invited Class 1G to come and join in fun and to learn some facts about London.

The sun has continued to shine and the children are having an amazing time at dinner as the photos show.


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