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Enterprise is based on a mixed set of life and business skills which help to enrich our curriculum. These skills are explicit and are used and displayed throughout school all year round. Each term classes have an enterprise event in which they aim to use most of these skills. 


Enterprise in Early Years is based on 6 Enterprise Characters:


Tim and Tom Team Work Twins show the children how to work together as part of a team.

Chloe Creativity helps the children to be creative especially in Art, DT, Music, Performing and Writing.

Izzy Initiative develops independence and confidence to try new things. 

Charlie Communicate encourages good communication skills. 

Freddie Finance develops number skills  as well as developing the concept of money and what it is used for. 

Pippa Positive encourages a positive 'have a go' mindset. 

Enterprise in Year 1.


Year 1's take the 6 characters from the Early Years approach whilst adding of few more of the essential Enterprise Skills from The Big 13, giving them a character name. 


Tim and Tom Teamwork        Freddie Finance      Charlie Communicate      Pippa Positive      Chloe Creative 

Izzy Initiative         Peter Product           Neil Negotiate          Peggy Problem Solve         Rosie Risk

The Big 13 skills are used in Year 2 to Year 6:


Teamwork - effective teamwork can be a decisive factor as to whether children can achieve their goals. 

Risk - being able to manage risks that may cause problems as well as not being afraid to try. 

Negotiating and Influencing - being able to negotiate with others and influence them positively requires other skills such as Teamwork and Effective Communication. 


Creativity and Innovation - is about being imaginative, thinking outside of the box, coming up with solutions and inventing new ideas. 


Effective Communication - is an essential life skill. 



Positive Attitude - I can. 


Initiative - willingness to take the first step, good judgement and independence. 



Organising and Planning - to be organised and to organise and plan events. 



Problem Solving - work out the consequences and solutions. 


Leadership - the ability to motivate, influence, engage and get things done. 


Making Ethical Decisions - make decision on issues with an ethical dimension. 


Financial Literacy - developing an awareness of how money works in the real world. 


Product and Service Design - design process of new products. 




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