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The Computing Curriculum has 3 strands which are covered throughout the year.  These are:

  • Programming and Computer Science
  • Digital Literacy
  • Information technology

At Heath children use ICT to support and enhance their learning in all curriculum areas.  They have a chance to use and develop skills using a variety of ICT equipment.

In Key Stage 1 children will be learning what algorithms are, which will not always involve computers. When explained as 'a set of instructions' teachers may illustrate the idea using recipes, or by breaking down the steps of children’s morning routines. Children will be creating and debugging simple programs of their own, developing logical reasoning skills and taking their first steps in using devices to 'create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content'. They will also be developing their digital creativity skills by creating computer art, taking and editing digital images and creating simple animation.

In Key Stage 2 children will be creating and debugging more complicated programs with specific goals and getting to grips with concepts including variables and 'sequence, selection, and repetition in programs'. They will still be developing their logical reasoning skills and learning to use websites and other internet services. Children will be using devices for collecting, analysing and presenting back data and information. They will further develop their digital creativity through music and sound editing, 2D and 3D games design, webpage creation, and 2D, 3D and Stop-motion animation.

All children are also provided with the knowledge and skills required to become safe and responsible users of technology.

In addition children will learn about the importance of Online-Safety and life skills which will ensure they use computers in a safe and appropriate manner.

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