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68 A.D. - Roman Emperor Nero committed suicide.

1064 - Coimbra, Portugal fell to Ferdinand, the King of Castile.

1790 - Civil war broke out in Martinique.

1931 - Robert H. Goddard patented a rocket-fueled aircraft design.

1934 - Donald Duck made his debut in the Silly Symphonies cartoon "The Wise Little Hen."

1940 - Norway surrendered to the Nazis during World War II.

1945 - Japanese Premier Kantaro Suzuki declared that Japan would fight to the last rather than accept unconditional surrender.

1986 - The Rogers Commission released a report on the Challenger disaster. The report explained that the spacecraft blew up as a result of a failure in a solid rocket booster joint.

1999 - NATO and Yugoslavia signed a peace agreement over Kosovo. 
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