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0452 - Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun.

0632 - The prophet Mohammed died.

0793 - The Vikings raided the Northumbrian coast of England.

1783 - Iceland’s Laki volcano erupted and continued to spew lava for eight months. 9,350 people were killed and famine started and lasted until 1790.

1786 - In New York City, commercial ice cream was manufactured for the first time.

1866 - Prussia annexed the region of Holstein.

1965 - U.S. troops in South Vietnam were given orders to begin fighting offensively.

1968 - James Earl Ray was captured at the London Airport. He was suspected of assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1982 - U.S. President Reagan became the first American chief executive to address a joint session of the British Parliament.

1994 - The warring factions in Bosnia agreed to a one-month cease-fire.

1996 - China set off an underground nuclear test blast.

1998 - The space shuttle Discovery pulled away from Mir, ending America's three-year partnership with Russia.


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