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1587 - Mary, the Queen of Scots, was executed.

1802 - Simon Willard patented the banjo clock.

1861 - The Confederate States of America was formed.

1900 - In South Africa, British troops under Gen. Buller were beaten at Ladysmith. The British fled over the Tugela River.

1904 - The Russo-Japanese War began with Japan attacking Russian forces in Manchuria.

1918 - "The Stars and Stripes" newspaper was published for the first time.

1952 - Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the British throne. Her father, George VI, had died on February 6.

1963 - The Kennedy administration prohibited travel to Cuba and made financial and commercial transactions with Cuba illegal for U.S. citizens.

1974 - The three-man crew of the Skylab space station returned to Earth after 84 days. 
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