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1521 - Ferdinand Magellan discovered Guam.

1836 - The thirteen-day siege of the Alamo by Santa Anna and his army ended. The Mexican army of three thousand men defeated the 189 Texas volunteers.

1899 - Aspirin was patented by German researchers Felix Hoffman and Hermann Dreser.

1901 - An assassin tried to kill Wilhelm II of Germany in Bremen.

1944 - During World War II, U.S. heavy bombers began the first American raid on Berlin. Allied planes dropped 2000 tons of bombs.

1946 - Ho Chi Minh, the President of Vietnam, struck an agreement with France that recognized his country as an autonomous state within the Indochinese Federation and the French Union.

1960 - Switzerland granted women the right to vote in municipal elections.

1960 - The United States announced that it would send 3,500 troops to Vietnam.

1975 - Iran and Iraq announced that they had settled their border dispute.

1987 - The British ferry Herald of Free Enterprise capsized in the Channel off the coast of Belgium. 189 people died.

1990 - In Afghanistan, an attempted coup to remove President Najibullah from office failed.

1990 - The Russian Parliament passed a law that sanctioned the ownership of private property.

1992 - The computer virus "Michelangelo" went into effect.

1997 - A gunman stole "Tete de Femme," a million-dollar Picasso portrait, from a London gallery. The painting was recovered a week later.

1997 - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II launched the first official royal Web site. 
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