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1620 - The Pilgrims left on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England to settle in the New World.

1766 - John Dalton was born. The teacher/physicist formulated the atomic theory.


1899 - Carnation processed its first can of evaporated milk.

1939 - South Africa declared war on Germany.

1941 - Jews in German-occupied areas were ordered to wear the Star of David with the word "Jew" inscribed. The order only applied to Jews over the age of 6.

1948 - Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was crowned.

1959 - The first Barbie Doll was sold by Mattel Toy Corporation.

1990 - Iraq warned that anyone trying to flee the country without permission would be put in prison for life.

1991 - The State Council of the Soviet Union recognized the independence of the Baltic states.

1991 - The name St. Petersburg was restored to Russia's second largest city. The city was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. The name has been changed to Petrograd (1914) and to Leningrad (1924).

1992 - A 35-year old man died ten weeks after receiving a transplanted baboon liver.

1997 - More than 2 million people watched the funeral service of Princess Diana that was held at Westminster Abbey.

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