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1605 - The "Gunpowder Plot" attempted by Guy Fawkes failed when he was captured before he could blow up the English Parliament. Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated every November 5th in Britain to celebrate his failure to blow up all the members of Parliament and King James I.

1911 - Italy officially annexed Tripoli.

1935 - The game "Monopoly" was introduced by Parker Brothers Company.

1955 - The Vienna State Opera House in Austria formally opened.

1956 - British and French forces began landing in Egypt during the Suez Canal Crisis. A cease-fire was declared 2 days later.

1998 - The U.N. announced that the Taliban militia had killed up to 5,000 civilians in a takeover of an Afghani town.

1999 - A 12-day conference on global warming, attended by delegates from 170 nations, ended in Bonn, Germany.


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