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1698 - Russia's Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards.

1793 - In France, the "Reign of Terror" began. The National Convention enacted measures to repress the French Revolutionary activities.

1877 - Sioux chief Crazy Horse was killed by the bayonet of a U.S. soldier. The chief allegedly resisted confinement to a jail cell.

1914 - The Battle of the Marne began. The Germans, British and French fought for six days killing half a million people.

1939 - The U.S. proclaimed its neutrality in World War II.

1972 - Arab guerrillas attacked the Israeli delegation at the Munich Olympic games. 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team, five guerrillas and a police officer were killed in the siege.

1980 - The St. Gothard Tunnel opened in Switzerland. It is the world's longest highway tunnel at 10.14 miles long.

1985 - Rioting in South Africa spilled into white neighborhoods for the first time.

1990 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged for a Holy War against the West and former allies.

1995 - France set off an underground nuclear blast in the South Pacific.

1997 - Mother Teresa died in Calcutta, India, at the age of 87.


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