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0476 - Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the western Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaimed himself King of Italy.

1530 - Russian Czar Ivan "The Terrible" was born.

1609 - English navigator Henry Hudson began exploring the island of Manhattan.

1888 - George Eastman registered the name "Kodak" and patented his roll-film camera. The camera took 100 exposures per roll.

1944 - During World War II, British troops entered the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

1948 - The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina left her throne for health reasons.

1972 - Swimmer Mark Spitz captured his seventh Olympic gold medal in the 400-meter medley relay event at Munich, Germany. Spitz was the first Olympian to win seven gold medals.

1988 - Bangladesh officials reported that at least 882 people had been killed by floods that had inundated their nation.

1993 - Pope John Paul II started his first visit to the former Soviet Union.

2003 - Keegan Reilly, 22, became the first parapalegic climber to reach the peak of Japan's Mount Fuji.


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