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4/5 C

I know how to read and write numbers up to

1 000 000.



Learn how to read numbers up to 1 000 000 using factsheet 5

Number vocabulary – Matching numbers to names

Tank game answer questions then fire at the target

I can use an efficient method to multiply any number by 10 or 100



Learn how to multiply numbers by 10

Factsheets and worksheets on multiplying by 10 and 100.

Multiply and divide by 10 and 100 quiz

Practice multiplying by 10 by filling in the missing pods


I can work out 10%, 25% or 50% of numbers and know their connections to fractions.



Finding % worksheet



I can add or subtract with thousands to 2  decimal places.



Super Sid’s Decimal Challenge – add together decimal numbers to make a target number – choose 2 decimal places

I know all my multiplication tables up to 12x.




Fast tables

Test yourself on your times tables against the clock – Level 5 and 6

Really challenge yourself in the times tables quiz – Level C to check that you know all of your times tables

Use your knowledge of your times tables to solve some division problems in the fridge magnet game 1

Play on the x and ÷ machine to test your times tables skills


I can multiply two- or three-digit numbers by any two-digit number.



Learn how to multiply using the grid method by reading fact sheet 3

Learn how to use the grid method

Play the amoeba game to practice using the grid method – have a go at all three levels!


I can use a calculator to check multiplication and division calculations.



Division Divers – Choose a times table you need to practice – work out the answer in your head then check it using a calculator


I can work out number sequences and explain them to another person.



Learn how to solve number sequences and work out the missing numbers in the sequences

Put your own start number and step into a sequence then calculate the missing numbers at the end of the sequence


I use estimations to check whether my calculation is likely to be correct.


I can work out what needs to be added to a fraction to make it a whole one.



Learn about what fractions make a whole one using fact sheet 8


I can round a decimal to the nearest whole one.



Rounding off – a game that asks you to round numbers to the nearest whole number, ten or hundred


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