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1533 - Henry VIII divorced his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

1814 - The allied European nations against Napoleon marched into Paris.

1842 - Dr. Crawford W. Long performed the first operation while his patient was anesthetized by ether.

1858 - Hyman L. Lipman of Philadelphia patented the pencil.

1867 - The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars.

1916 - Pancho Villa killed 172 at the Guerrero garrison in Mexico.

1936 - Britain announced a naval construction program of 38 warships.

1941 - The German Afrika Korps under General Erwin Rommel began its first offensive against British forces in Libya.

1944 - The U.S. fleet attacked Palau, near the Philippines.

1945 - The U.S.S.R. invaded Austria during World War II.

1946 - The Allies seized 1,000 Nazis attempting to revive the Nazi party in Frankfurt.

1947 - Lord Mountbatten arrived in India as the new Viceroy.

1972 - The British government assumed direct rule over Northern Ireland.

1981 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded in Washington, DC, by John W. Hinckley Jr. Two police officers and Press Secretary James Brady were also wounded.

1987 - Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" was bought for $39.85 million.

1998 - Rolls-Royce was purchased by BMW in a $570 million deal.
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