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1804 - Napoleon was crowned emperor of France at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

1901 - Gillette patented the first disposable razor.

1917 - During World War I, hostilities were suspended on the eastern front.

1961 - Cuban leader Fidel Castro declared in a nationally broadcast speech that he was a Marxist-Leninist and that he was going to lead Cuba to communism.

1982 - Doctors at the University of Utah implanted a permanent artificial heart in the chest of retired dentist Barney Clark. He lived 112 days with the device. The operation was the first of its kind.

1991 - American hostage Joseph Cicippio was released by his kidnappers. He had been held captive in Lebanon for over five years.

1993 - The space shuttle Endeavor blasted off on a mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

1998 - Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates donated $100 million to help immunize children in developing countries.

1999 - The British government transferred political power over the province of Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive.


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