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I can read and write all numbers up to

1 000.



Exploring numbers to 1000

Spooky Sequences – Read the number sequences and type in the missing number

Create the number shown on the dienes using the abacus

Practice reading 3 digit numbers


I can partition a number into Hundreds, Tens and Units.



Exploring 3 digit numbers


I know that a number less than zero is a negative number



Order some positive and negative numbers on a number line

I can add 2 two-digit numbers with one "carry" into the tens place.

Learn how to add using the partitioning method then have a go at a few examples

Try testing your addition skills in Bargain Hunt – Game 5 choose 2 numbers then work your way through the levels.

Practice adding without using apparatus – choose the egg with TU+TU

Play this 2 player snap game with a friend to quicken your mental addition skills



I know that the x sign is a multiplication.


Learn about how multiplication is commutative

LEVEL B - Multiplication



I can divide by "sharing" between 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.


LEVEL B - Division - Share the caterpillars between 2 leaves

Maths magician- dividing by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10


I know that I can work out the answer to a multiplication by repeated addition.


Learn how you can work out a multiplication answer as repeated addition 

I know that £4.45 means 4 pounds and 45 I pence.



Money calculator

Shop till you drop


I can total money to £10.


Find the correct coins to buy objects up to 20p

Find the correct coins to buy objects up to 50p

Add together the amounts in 2 purses – try the easy level then the harder level



I can measure using a 30cm ruler.


Measure the lengths and widths of different rectangles

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