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1588 - The English defeated the Spanish Armada in the Battle of Gravelines.

1754 - The first international boxing match was held. The 25-minute match was won when Jack Slack of Britain knocked out Jean Petit from France.

1890 - Artist Vincent van Gogh died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers, France.

1957 - The International Atomic Energy Agency was established.

1968 - Pope Paul VI reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's stance against artificial methods of birth control.

1981 - England's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married.

1993 - The Israeli Supreme Court acquitted retired Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk of being Nazi death camp guard "Ivan the Terrible." His death sentence was thrown out and he was set free.

1997 - Minamata Bay in Japan was declared free of mercury 40 years after contaminated food fish were blamed for deaths and birth defects.

2005 - Astronomers announced that they had discovered a new planet larger than Pluto in orbit around the sun.


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