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0996 - Sixteen year old Otto III was crowned the Roman Emperor.

1471 - King Henry VI was killed in the tower of London. Edward IV took the throne.

1688 - The English poet Alexander Pope was born.

1790 - Paris was divided into 48 zones.

1840 - New Zealand was declared a British colony.

1927 - Charles A. Lindberg completed the first solo nonstop airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The trip began May 20.

1941 - The first U.S. ship, the SS Robin Moor, was sunk by a U-boat.

1956 - The U.S. exploded the first airborne hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean over Bikini Atoll.

1980 - The movie "The Empire Strikes Back" was released.

1991 - In Madras, India, the former prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a bouquet of flowers that contained a bomb.


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