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1155 - Frederick I Barbarossa was crowned emperor of Rome.

1429 - French forces defeated the English at the battle of Patay. The English had been retreating after the siege of Orleans.

1812 - The War of 1812 began as the U.S. declared war against Great Britain. The conflict began over trade restrictions.

1815 - At the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon was defeated by an international army under the Duke of Wellington.

1817 - London's Waterloo Bridge opened. The bridge, designed by John Rennie, was built over the River Thames.

1915 - During World War I, the second battle of Artois ended.

1953 - Egypt was proclaimed to be a republic with General Neguib as its first president.

1979 - In Vienna, U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) 2.


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