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1381 - The Peasant’s Revolt, led by Wat Tyler, climaxed when rebels marched on London. They plundered, burned and captured the Tower of London and killed the Archbishop of Canterbury. The revolt was in response to a statute intended to hold down wages during a labor shortage.

1789 - Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty arrived in Timor in a small boat.

1834 - Isaac Fischer Jr. patented sandpaper.

1841 - The first Canadian parliament opened in Kingston.

1907 - Women in Norway won the right to vote.

1917 - General John Pershing arrived in Paris during World War I.

1940 - The Nazis opened their concentration camp at Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland.

1940 - German troops entered Paris. As Paris became occupied loud speakers announced the implementation of a curfew being imposed for 8 p.m.

1945 - Burma was liberated by Britain.

1949 - The state of Vietnam was formed.

1952 - The Nautilus was dedicated. It was the first nuclear powered submarine.

1982 - Argentine forces surrendered to British troops on the Falkland Islands.

1985 - The 17-day hijacking of TWA flight 847 began. The hijackers were Lebanese Shiite Muslim extremists.


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