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1248 - The rebuilding of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany, began after being destroyed by fire.

1900 - An international force, consisting of eight nations, lifted the siege of Peking. It was an end to the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at purging China of foreigners.

1917 - China declared war on Germany and Austria during World War I.

1941 - U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issued the Atlantic Charter. The charter was a statement of principles that renounced aggression.

1945 - It was announced by U.S. President Truman that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. The surrender ended World War II.

1947 - Pakistan became independent from British rule.

1969 - British troops arrived in Northern Ireland to intervene in sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

1981 - Pope John Paul II left a Rome hospital. He had been there for three months following an assassination attempt.

1997 - Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing.

2000 - A Russian submarine Kursk sank to the bottom of the Barrent Sea. There were 118 sailors on the nuclear-powered vessel. 
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