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1512 - The forces of the Holy League were heavily defeated by the French at the Battle of Ravenna.

1689 - William III and Mary II were crowned as joint sovereigns of Britain.

1713 - The Treaty of Utrecht was signed, ending the War of Spanish Succession.

1814 - Napoleon was forced to abdicate his throne. The allied European nations had marched into Paris on March 30, 1814. He was banished to the island of Elba.

1876 - The stenotype was patented by John C. Zachos.

1941 - Germany bombers blitzed Conventry, England.

1945 - During World War II, American soldiers liberated the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald in Germany.

1961 - Israel began the trial of Adolf Eichman, accused of World War II war crimes.

1970 - Apollo 13 blasted off on a mission to the moon that was disrupted when an explosion crippled the spacecraft. The astronauts did return safely.

1985 - Scientists in Hawaii measured the distance between the earth and moon within one inch.

1986 - Kellogg's stopped giving tours of its breakfast-food plant. The reason for the end of the 80-year tradition was said to be that company secrets were at risk due to spies from other cereal companies.

1998 - Northern Ireland's biggest political party, the Ulster Unionists, announced its backing of the historic peace deal.


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