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All the School Parliament representatives are democratically voted into office by their class.  Each candidate explains to his/her class why they would be a good choice to be their School Parliament representative, before the class participates in a secret ballot.


The School Parliament plays a very active role in the life of our school and community.  We raise money for charity, both national and local.  We listen to our classmates and bring their opinions to our weekly meetings.  Where necessary we take action and contribute to changes made around school to make things better for everyone.

Friday, 24th February     


Today four school parliament members went to Tibshelf secondary school to represent our school at the five pits partnership of school parliament (5PPS). When we arrived, the four of us, as well as Mrs  Horton,  sat down in the main hall. Dennis Skinner MP launched the five pits partnership of school parliament.  He made a speech of his childhood and how he grew up he said quite a bundle of interesting things. He said that he went to Tupton Hall secondary  school and then worked in the pits; he wasn’t that rich when he was young and that surprised me.


When he finished his speech we all got into groups with other schools and 2 students from Tibshelf Secondary. Each group got a pot of skittles and we took part in a fun ice breaker to get to know each other. At the end we got to ask Dennis Skinner MP any questions but I couldn’t think of one.

I am looking forward to our next 5PPS parliament meeting.


Leon Booth

(Vice Chair HPS School Parliament, HPS representative for the 5PPS parliament.)

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