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Nurture and Positive Play

Attachment Aware School

Heath Primary school has been chosen to be part of the Attachment Aware project run through the Virtual School. We endeavour that the programme will strengthen our connections with families and promote better learning, emotional well-being and health outcomes for all individuals. The longer term outcome is for the ethos to be embedded into our schools visions and values.

Nurture and Positive Play


Nurture Group and Positive Play Groups continue the ethos of an already nurturing environment within Heath Primary School and provide inclusion for all children. These groups support children to develop extra skills to improve socially, emotionally and independently. The structure and focus will help to boost confidence, self-esteem and individual emotional well-being.  The groups run on consistency and positive reinforcement. Praise and encouragement are in abundance.


The Nurture team at Heath Primary School consists of; Mrs Hill, Mrs Farnsworth, Mrs May, Mrs Ainger and Mrs Staniforth.


Nurture is important…

 “By building a child’s social and emotional capabilities we enable children to be happily engaged with others and with society, and to learn, to develop fully, to attain and to achieve. In essence, it delivers school ready, life ready and child ready members of society” (The Allen report 2011)

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